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LightSquared creates rural initiative
LightSquared continues to try to drum up popular support for its wireless network plans, announcing the creation of what it is calling an “Empower Rural America Initiative.” (CP: LightSquared Forms Rural Initiative to Ensure LightSquared and GPS Co-Existence) More on this Topic Industry News Blogs Briefing Room ...
Will femtocells evolve into the small cells of the future?
Globally, there are 2.3 million femtocells deployed, according to Informa, but almost every single one of them is of the private variety—home and business access points used to supply select customers with coverage in their living rooms and office corridors (Unfiltered: A dubious achievements: femtos now surpass macros). The femto industry, however, has long been prophesying a transformation...
iPass builds Wi-Fi exchange to expand operators` data offload reach
As carrier Wi-Fi gains steam, a whole new sector of mobile Wi-Fi services and products is emerging to support it. Along with the expected carrier-grade access points and management software, vendors are starting to supply specialized gear and services designed to replicate the features of the wide-area cellular network for a technology that was originally intended for home and business...
Sprint loses ground in the 4G war as T-Mobile gets faster
When T-Mobile first started using 4G to describe its hopped-up 3G network, it justified its bold assertion by claiming it had every right to the 4th generation moniker if its network could match Sprint’s WiMAX speeds. That seemed like a questionable claim, while T-Mobile in many cases could match the advertised claims of Sprint’s 4G service, the Clearwire-built WiMAX network was still blowing...
Nortel patents go for $4.5 billion to consortium
Nortel sold off some of the last bits of the company Thursday night, auctioning off its remaining patents and patent applications to a consortium of buyers for $4.5 billion. More on this Topic Industry News Blogs Briefing Room Five groups participated in the multi-day auction, which was...
KDDI makes Wi-Fi major component of mobile broadband network
Carrier Wi-Fi may be moving slowly in the U.S., but if mobile operators want to see how a large-scale mobile data offload network is done, they need only to look across the Pacific. Japanese CDMA operator KDDI is rolling out the mother of all Wi-Fi networks, deploying 10,000 access points initially with plans to scale to 100,000 access points in nine months. ...
LightSquared lashes back at GPS industry
LightSquared has dropped its conciliatory tone with its critics in the GPS industry, choosing instead to go on the offensive. Preempting an FCC report that found massive interference to GPS receivers from its proposed long-term evolution (LTE) network, LightSquared issued a statement accusing GPS device manufacturers of rebuffing LightSquared’s efforts to cooperate on finding a workable fix...
InterDigital, Picochip meld Wi-Fi with femtocells for mobile offload
A big debate is brewing in the wireless industry over whether femtocells or Wi-Fi will emerge as the key technology for relieving increasingly overtaxed mobile data networks. InterDigital and Picochip are proposing a compromise: use both. More on this Topic Industry News Blogs Briefing Room ...
Why the GPS industry needs to work with LightSquared
LightSquared faces a tough task. It not only has to find a fix for the interference problems its long-term evolution (LTE) creates for GPS, but it has to convince the FCC, the GPS device industry, government agencies and now lawmakers that its solution will work. The burden of proof definitely weighs heavily on the wholesale operator. ...
Consumers aren`t clamoring for 4G (and aren’t sure what it is anyway)
Nearly half of consumers can`t identify the benefits of 4G, while 60 percent said they weren`t willing to pay more for those benefits, according to a June report from Morpace Research & Consulting (PDF). More on this Topic Industry News Blogs Briefing Room Additionally, two-thirds...
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