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T-Mobile chimes in on the acquisition debate
T-Mobile has broken its silence. When AT&T first announced its intention to acquire Deutsche Telekomís U.S. wireless arm, T-Mobile largely receded to the background while AT&T sold its case for regulatory approval. On Tuesday, though, T-Mobile Senior Vice President of Government Affairs Tom Sugure took aim at the mergerís critics. Hereís the full text of Sugureís statement: The...
Smart, or short-sighted? LightSquared proposes swapping half its network for FCC approval
LightSquared may be putting off the FCC, but itís taking its argument directly to the public that a work-around exists for its network interference problems. On Monday it revealed what it deems to be a viable fix for the problems it now acknowledges its proposed long-term evolution (LTE) would create for nearby GPS receivers, which operate in a neighboring band. ...
Intel becoming a mobile silicon power
Intel hasnít been able to crack the mobile applications processor business, but itís come a long way in mobile baseband chipsóthanks to its acquisition of Infineon (Unfiltered: Intel buys Infineon, delving deeper into wireless). Intel ranked No. 2 in device baseband revenue in Q1 with $529 million in revenues, though its 15% market share was still far behind market leader Qualcommís 42% share...
Consumer mobile data use way up, but not panning out for carriers
The average American smartphone user is blowing through approximately 89 percent more data than just a year ago, according to a June report from Nielsen that analyzed the cell phone bills of 65,000-plus consumers. More on this Topic Industry News Blogs Briefing Room Driving such...
Rural stakeholders voice support for AT&T/ T-Mobile pairing
The Internet Innovation Alliance, a non-profit group whose members include AT&T, lined up a range of rural stakeholders who voiced their support for the proposed AT&T/ T-Mobile merger on a conference call with reporters today. AT&T has pledged that if the merger is approved, it will bring 4G wireless service to 97% of the U.S. population (CP: AT&T: T-Mobile deal would produce...
T-Mobile counters VZW`s LTE expansion with more dual-carrier networks
A day after Verizon Wireless expanded its long-term evolution (LTE) footprint to 19 new markets (CP: Verizon preps for LTE expansion), T-Mobile has countered by bringing its dual-carrier high-speed packet access plus (HSPA+) upgrade to another 41 cities. That brings T-Mobileís total footprint for the lightning fast 42 Mb/s to 97 markets compared to Verizonís 74. ...
KeyOn acquires business VOIP provider CommX
KeyOn Communications, a company that has acquired 13 broadband wireless providers in rural parts of the U.S., today announced it has made a different type of acquisition. It has purchased the assets of business VOIP provider CommX. More on this Topic Industry News Blogs Briefing Room ...
Carriers should tread cautiously with family data plans
The introduction of the family data plan could be a big boon for operators. Itís a consumer-friendly service, which could potentially allow customers to save a lot of money while encouraging them to connect more devices to the mobile network. It could also help operators recover from the public relations blow of eliminating unlimited data plans in favor of caps and metering. ...
Verizon preps for next phase of LTE expansion
Verizon Wireless isnít taking any breathers in its nationwide long-term evolution (LTE) network deployment. On Thursday, it will launch its mobile broadband service in 19 new large and mid-sized markets, taking a big step toward meeting its goal of 185 million Americans in LTE coverage by the end of 2011. More on this Topic Industry News...
Wavion bets high-capacity Wi-Fi will lure mobile operators to data offload
Wavion believes that mobile data offload is merely in its infancy in the U.S. The only thing preventing carrier Wi-Fi from maturing here is the right high-capacity, long-range gear. Itís no coincidence that Wavion is hoping to land its first North American mobile operator customers with just such a big-bandwidth, far-reaching platform. More on...
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