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AT&T now has 460 mobile data offload points in NYC
If there’s a city AT&T has been most aggressive in using Wi-Fi to augment its mobile broadband network, it’s New York. On Thursday, AT&T kicked off an initiative with NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg to put free Wi-Fi in 20 city parks across all five boroughs. While anyone can access the Wi-Fi network free of charge, so can AT&T smartphone and mobile broadband customers, adding more than...
Three ways Google can work with mobile operators to relieve network congestion
At some point, carriers and Internet content providers were bound to sit down and have a heart-to-heart over the devastating impact video and other high-bandwidth services are having on carriers mobile data networks. According to Bloomberg, we’ve reached that point: Google is in talks with some of the world’s largest operators about reducing the impact YouTube and other video services have on 3G...
WiMAX at age 10: Its accomplishments and its failures
In 2005, the WiMAX Forum had big ambitions. What started out as an IEEE standard for wide area wireless connectivity was being positioned as the mobile data technology of the future, well ahead of any 3G or future 4G standard. Led by Intel and a group of upstart global carriers, WiMAX was supposed to create an Internet without wires and give birth to a new class of competitive carriers focusing...
Wi-Fi reliance increasing with growing mobile broadband adoption
Following closely on the heels of the Free Press complaining to the FCC that Verizon is preventing paying customers from surfing at swift speeds on devices of their choosing, Devicescape will soon release the findings of a Wi-Fi report showing the degree to which Wi-Fi is being used to complement, if not supplement, mobile broadband services that are not quite equipped to cover it all....
GSMA CEO departing as industry prepares for next big technology transition
After 12 years at the helm of the wireless industry’s largest trade association, GSMA CEO Rob Conway is stepping down on Sept 1, handing the reins over to a new chief executive just as the wireless industry undergoes its next generational transformation. More on this Topic Industry News Blogs Briefing Room ...
Analysis: Why Microsoft, Qualcomm and Facebook are in favor of AT&T-T-Mobile merger
While AT&T and T-Mobile face an onslaught of criticism from their competitors, they’ve found support for their merger in an unusual place: Silicon Valley and the tech sector. Microsoft is leading a consortium of Internet and technology companies—including Qualcomm, Research in Motion, Facebook, Yahoo, Avaya, Brocade and Oracle—in petitioning the FCC to approve the AT&T $39 billion of...
Cyan mobile backhaul platform targets wholesale market needs
A new wireless backhaul offering from Cyan, announced today, has several capabilities aimed at enhancing network operators’ ability to serve the expanding needs of wholesale customers. More on this Topic Industry News Blogs Briefing Room “We see DWDM expanding further to the...
The Era of the sub-$100 Smartphone
In the tech industry, the $100 price point is something of a holy grail. For almost a decade now, philanthropists have been talking about developing a $100 laptop that will close the digital divide between the computer haves and have-nots.  The cost of laptops and netbooks is falling steadily, but it will be the smartphone and, perhaps the tablet, that will really bring the world...
Symmetricom: LightSquared is not the only risk to mobile network GPS systems
More on this Topic Industry News Blogs Briefing Room Concerns that the 4G network LightSquared plans to build could interfere with global positioning systems hit the mainstream media this week, with the Wall Street Journal reporting yesterday that public safety officials near a...
Clearwire outsources customer support to Teletech
For financially-strapped mobile data provider Clearwire, bankruptcy is an outcome that chairman and interim CEO John Stanton has called “an ugly option”. In an effort to cut costs and avoid that ugliness, Clearwire announced that it has signed a deal to outsource all day-to-day customer care to business process outsourcing (BPO) company Teletech. ...
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