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Sprint ends unlimited plans for mobile dongles and hotspots, smartphones beware
Sprint has trumpeted and advertised its unlimited data plan (Unfiltered: Sprint goes on `unlimited` offensive). But alas, all good things must come to an end, and Sprint is starting with its mobile broadband dongle and mobile hotspot add-on services. Starting in November, usage will measured against a cap — 5GB in the case of mobile hotspot users and either 3GB, 5GB or 10GB for mobile broadband...
Verizon`s mobile data growth still driven by Android and 3G
Verizon Communications, quite literally, had a disaster of a third quarter: Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee having wrecked havoc on its wireline networks and labor strikes delaying its FiOS expansion. But Verizon Wireless remained above the storm, doubling its profits and boosting its subscriber base by 1.3 million, while revealing some interesting details about its mobile data growth in...
AT&T doesn’t take Q3 off to wait for the iPhone
More on this Topic Industry News Blogs Briefing Room AT&T couldn’t have navigated the potential pitfalls of the 3rd quarter any better. Despite having to wait out July through September without an iPhone ‘refresh,’ AT&T managed to sell 4.8 million smartphones, nearly half of...
Has Ericsson plateaued in the U.S.?
Ericsson’s skyrocketing growth in North America is leveling off as the vendor settles into servicing its considerable network and outsourcing contracts. For the second straight quarter, Ericsson recorded a decline in North American revenues after a year of phenomenal growth that turned the U.S. and Canada into the vendor’s biggest region, a process that began even before its acquisition of...
Apple moving the iPhone through regional operators, starting with C Spire
More on this Topic Industry News Blogs Briefing Room Apple’s iPhone U.S. expansion strategy has begun to take form. It’s not just striking exclusive one-off deals with the nationwide operators but moving down the ranks to the regional operators. C Spire became the first non-Tier I...
Ixia takes a carrier-centric approach to Wi-Fi testing
More on this Topic Industry News Blogs Briefing Room Ixia is moving out of the lab and into the field with a new testing product designed to make sense of the newest radio in carriers’ arsenal: Wi-Fi. Operators are increasingly relying on...
M2M opportunities take shape: Consumer electronics and cars drive the market
New research led by the GSMA and supported by AT&T, Deutsche Bank, KT, Telenor Connexion and Vodafone predicts that the growth of M2M will support an addressable revenue opportunity for ‘pure play’ mobile telcos of nearly $1.2 trillion by 2020. The study, conducted by Machina Research, predicts that the total number of connected devices is expected to increase from approximately nine billion...
Industry heads off regulation by announcing `bill shock` antidote
More than 200 million wireless consumers will soon be assured of a getting "a fair shake, not bill shock," FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said during an announcement at The Brookings Institute today. More on this Topic Industry News Blogs Briefing Room A year after...
LightSquared, GPS industry spar over proposed interference fix
The GPS device industry doesn’t think much of LightSquared’s proposed fix for interference problems between GPS receivers and LightSquared’s planned LTE network. Responding to a media conference on Thursday in which LightSquared demoed new antenna and receiver technology (CP: LightSquared says GPS device overhaul will cost $400M), the Coalition to Save Our GPS founding member and Trimble vice...
A tale of two Sprints: What if Sprint severs ties with Clearwire?
On Tuesday, we looked at one of Sprint’s possible futures—the future sans Clearwire that Sprint is publicly claiming to now pursue. If Sprint were to go that route it, eschewing Clearwire’s massive spectrum assets, it would start out with an immediate and sizable disadvantage versus its competitors (CP: A Tale of two Sprints, part 1). More on...
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