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M2M boost as solution providers Raco, Aeris team


T-Mobile’s preferred M2M provider, Raco Wireless announced a partnership with part-time competitor Aeris Communications to accelerate machine-to-machine market growth.

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Both companies have a relationship with T-Mobile. Raco Wireless is the telco’s preferred global provider of M2M solutions. Aeris meanwhile, in partnership with T-Mobile, provides CDMA coverage across North America - their network is optimized for M2M solutions.

The Raco/Aeris partnership is described as ‘coopetition,’ where two natural competitors cooperate to achieve a common goal. As President of Raco Wireless, John Horn, previously with T-Mobile (CP: T-Mobile to outsource M2M to partner Raco), points out, forward thinking providers of M2M connectivity know that it needs to be as simple as possible to bring applications to market and this relationship offers the fastest route.

Raco emphasizes its rapid time to market, claiming it can build a flexible, end-to-end M2M connectivity solution for partners in hours, or days. Solutions can include custom rate plans, tailored billing solutions, customized wireless connectivity, as well as branding and certification.

Highlights for Aeris, meanwhile, include its role as the supplier of Hyundai Motor America’s Blue Link telematics program, which includes safety and security, entertainment, productivity, and convenience features.

Dig further and Aeris also has relationships with Sprint, a partnership that CEO Dan Hesse referenced in a keynote speech back in January , with a goal of providing ‘connected transportation’ to trucks, buses, subways, taxis, planes, trains and automobiles so that they can be instantly linked through voice, data and images.

Turn the spotlight back on Raco Wireless and they have just announced a partnership with Everything Everywhere, the UK joint venture between T-Mobile and Orange.

Follow this M2M thread even further and Everything Everywhere, recently joined a service alliance with European telcos giants Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom.
In turn Deutsche Telekom, as well as Everything Everywhere, has announced portals that will encourage companies and partners to request or offer M2M solutions and build an M2M community.

It may be a ‘tangled web we weave’ when it comes to M2M, but all of these deals are concrete evidence that M2M is ‘front and center’ for telco strategies. The question is how do telcos really make money out of the opportunity (CP: How can telcos make money on M2M)?


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