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M2M boost as solution providers Raco, Aeris team
T-Mobile’s preferred M2M provider, Raco Wireless announced a partnership with part-time competitor Aeris Communications to accelerate machine-to-machine market growth. More on this Topic Industry News Blogs Briefing Room Both companies have a relationship with T-Mobile. Raco Wireless is...
A tale of two Sprints: Can Sprint really go it alone?
So what exactly is Sprint up to? More on this Topic Industry News Blogs Briefing Room By its statements and actions last week at its analyst conference, Sprint seems to have every intention of walking away from Clearwire and its treasure chest of spectrum—despite the facts that 1)...
CTIA: Carrier keynotes steer clear of controversy
The keynote line up was the same at CTIA Enterprise & Applications as it was at CTIA’s spring show, but the atmosphere was definitely much less raucous (CP: Sprint’s Hesse weighs in on AT&T-T-Mobile deal). Rather than subject themselves to the awkward probing of Mad Money’s Jim Cramer (and giving Sprint CEO Dan Hesse a soapbox from which to attack the AT&T-T-Mobile merger), the heads...
BelAir`s latest small cell to integrate directly with the macro network
SAN DIEGO—BelAir Networks may be known for metro Wi-Fi but today it made it good case for becoming a mobile network infrastructure provide focusing on the emerging small cells market. At CTIA Wireless Enterprise & Applications it announced a stand-alone Metrocell, which combines its own specialty Wi-Fi access and mesh backhaul technology with any number of wide area network radios, creating a...
Sprint strikes out on its own with LTE
Sprint today revealed it is radically altering its 4G business model, announcing not only that it would launch an LTE network of its own in 2012 but that it is backing away from, if not abandoning completely, its wholesale relationship with Clearwire. The move puts Sprint firmly in control of its own mobile broadband destiny, but it also severely hampers its ability to grow its 4G services in the...
What the wireless industry owes to Steve Jobs
In the 11 years I’ve covered the wireless industry, I’ve assumed an unofficial advisory role among my friends on all matters mobile. Those friends tend to be decidedly non-technical—writers, editors, lawyers, teachers, etc.—and every time a contract ran out, a phone was lost or broken, I’d invariably hear the question “what’s is the best phone?” ...
Ten-year old m2m communications protocol likely to gain heightened interest among wireless application developers
A little-known protocol originally developed 10 years ago to support machine-to-machine communications is likely to see heightened interest from wireless applications developers now that Facebook has chosen it to support Facebook Messenger, the social media company’s instant messaging application. The protocol, known as MQTT, was developed by IBM and m2m technology developer Eurotech and...
Apple iPhone 4S, with Siri, iOS 5, iCloud -- but no 4G
There was no Apple iPhone 5, no 4G connectivity and no Steve Jobs. In Cupertino this afternoon, new Apple CEO Tim Cook instead introduced the iPhone 4S — which may stand for Siri, the voice-activated, self-proclaimed "humble personal assistant" that`s part Michael`s Kit, part Bertie`s Jeeves and arguably the highlight of the device. Which, much to the disappointment of those hoping for...
New iPhone 4S welcomes more carriers -- but skirts the 4G debate
The iPhone 5 turned out to be the iPhone 4S, and apart from a hefty processor upgrade and some compelling new software—notably its Siri voice assistant (CP: Apple iPhone 4S, with Siri, iOS 5, iCloud -- but no 4G)—it looks much like the iPhone 4. More significant than what the iPhone 4S actually is, though, is who can get it. In addition to officially announcing Sprint as a new carrier partner,...
Sharp to design first LTE smartphones, tablets for LightSquared
LightSquared may still be facing off against the government and GPS device makers over whether it can launch its proposed LTE network (CP: Senator demands to know who will pay for LightSquared GPS retrofit), but it’s making preparations for that commercial launch nonetheless. Today it announced Sharp will design the first smartphones and tablets for the LightSquared network. ...
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