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Report: BellSouth rescinds N.O. donation after WiFi news


BellSouth withdrew its offer to donate one of its buildings to the New Orleans Police Department in the wake of that city’s announcement of a city-owned Wi-Fi Internet access network, according to the Washington Post.

The Post report, based on conversations with city officials, said the offer was “angrily” rescinded by BellSouth`s head of Louisiana operations, Bill Oliver, just hours after the city announced a plan to build a Wi-Fi network for businesses and residents.

A spokesman for BellSouth told Telephony today that the offer was never rescinded. The company is still “negotiating” the donation of the building with the city, as it has been for more than two months, he said.

“We were surprised by those comments,” the spokesman said, referring to the city’s claim that the offer was rescinded. “We’re still negotiating and waiting for them. No offer has been rescinded. We’re simply waiting to talk to the mayor.”

The Bell company announced a plan in late October to offer wireless broadband access to small businesses in New Orleans for about $70 per month.


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