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Senator demands to know who will pay for LightSquared GPS retrofit
While LightSquared is printing up open letters to Americans in major newspapers across the country, a key U.S. Senator has sent a letter of his own—this one addressed to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski. Senate Judiciary Committee ranking Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, asked some pretty probing questions about the interference problems LightSquared’s proposed LTE network would cause for...
NSN gets cash infusion from parents as Nokia continues to slash jobs
Nokia Siemens Networks is getting a new chairman and a Euro 1 billion cash infusion as its parent companies try to set the listing infrastructure maker on a more steady and independent course. Meanwhile, Nokia announced another round of job cuts, eliminating another 3500 jobs by the end of 2012 in addition to the 7000 positions it announced it would cut in April. ...
Mobile hot-buttons: Spectrum, small-cell networks and Wi-Fi offload
Click here to view an on-demand version of the Webcast discussed in this story: Megabytes to Megabucks, Bandwidth to Business Models: How 4G Is Changing Everything (registration required).  Register for Yankee Group’s upcoming 4G World Conference Oct. 24-27 in Chicago. ...
Can Clearwire build a TD-LTE ecosystem?
Clearwire’s grand plan to switch LTE depends on a lot of ‘ifs’—if it can secure funding, if it can find wholesale customers for its unique flavor and limited deployment of LTE and if it continues to enjoy the favor of its primary customer and principle owner Sprint. But the biggest ‘if’ of them all is whether an ecosystem will develop around its 4G technology: TD-LTE. ...
Verizon`s busy McAdam chats about AT&T, 4G and rural America
Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam is apparently not one to wait for the coffee to kick in. More on this Topic Industry News Blogs Briefing Room Yesterday morning he had breakfast with Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski and then headed over to the Goldman Sachs...
NSN extending Liquid Radio concepts to entire network
Nokia Siemens Networks today unveiled its broadband roadmap, building off of the distributed networking and software-based approach of its Liquid Radio architecture (CP: Nokia Siemens pours out Liquid Radio). Spanning access, core and transport networks, Liquid Net is intended to shift the telecommunications network away from a design philosophy that emphasizes a bunch of purpose-built boxes into...
Verizon Wireless throttles with a light touch
Verizon Wireless implemented its network capacity management—or ‘throttling’—policies in February, but it has only just last week begun to enforce them. Verizon began sending notices to customers last week that its new network management schemes were now in effect, but also tried to mitigate any possible outcry by emphasizing how few of its customers would be affected. ...
The wireless battle for small business customers
Over the past few months, the leading U.S. wireless carriers have launched major advertising and sales campaigns targeted at the small business sector. Why the renewed focus on a large sector (28 percent of all employees, and half of private-sector, non-farm GDP) whose importance is already well documented? Because small businesses represent one of wireless carriers’ few remaining avenues of...
After skipping 3G for LTE, MetroPCS is moving back to EV-DO
MetroPCS was unique in the U.S. wireless industry in its bold strategy to move directly from 2G to 4G. Now Metro is backtracking, making the odd move of launching 3G after it has nearly fully implemented a footprint-wide LTE network (CP: MetroPCS completes LTE footprint). More on this Topic Industry News Blogs Briefing Room ...
AT&T LTE goes live Sunday
AT&T will turn on its first five LTE markets on Sunday, AT&T Chief Financial Officer John Stephens revealed while speaking at Bank of America Merrill Lynch financial conference today. AT&T has already started selling three modems that support LTE (CP: AT&T LTE devices go on sale), and there have been several reports of customers being able to access the network on a limited...
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