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AT&T CEO revisits usage-based 3G pricing


AT & T (Powered: T) CEO Randall Stephenson repeat carriers today's plans to use more home prices in the future as AT & T to Mr. Rein in costs resulting from increased and traffic on its 3G network.

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Speaking at Morgan Stanley, Stephenson did not give specifics about the type of meter or tiered pricing AT & T eventually used, although he said that some new form of pricing mechanism must ensure that those who use more network resources to bear more costs .

We " effective against a variety of prices, " said Stephenson. weight " more consumers under consumer italipa. "

While AT & T's use of the smartphone data plans and phone prices static with broadband access services depends on the data cap, Stephenson said that AT & T's pricing model emerged exploring community facilities. Prices for web readers, tablets, such as Apple (NASADQ: AAPL) phone NiPAD and non-form for all the equipment that was launched without the traditional service monthly plan, depending on price activity-based Prepaid and even examples.

Stephenson comments's feast made by AT & T Mobility and Consumer CEO Ralph de la VEGA UBS analyst meeting last year. After they showed phenomenal growth of 5.000% of data traffic AT & T has seen in years 3, de la VEGA says that nearly half of the traffic used by only 3% of smartphone users.

Today, few outside the argument kuchafuka AT & T Stephenson case of a change in cement price data sample. He said that 50% of all mobile broadband traffic currently moving at AT &'T's 3G network, and the expensive upgrade to AT & T is a 3G network AT & outpaced by CHAMP; T's ever-ngrier users. In most high-traffic markets, like San Francisco and New York, AT & T became the second high-speed packet access (HSPA) bearer, only to see that the power consumption of less than one year. AT & T is now the third distribution, and even four operators in the market HSPA many of them.

Airlines have a variety of Crunch, which may partly address the deployment of spectrally efficient technologies such as high-capacity HSPA and offer long-term evolution (Malte), but it seems that mobile broadband customers to absorb the new capacity becomes available soon after. In the end, it means that AT & T and the sector will need to get closer to a large range Repository, Stephenson said. For that, he praised the FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski's proposal recently to identify a new 500 MHz wireless broadband spectrum for mobile use.

But Stephenson also said it would be wrong to assume that every new device ground AT & T network data will consume iPhone or netbook. He said the new machine-to-machine materials that can increase revenue while Unaozidi Bandwidth destroyed almost too small to be used as a lightweight material availability of the network only occasionally. One device is expected to be the result of very low over the network NiPAD surprising.

" It will be interesting to see how people use NiPAD, " said Stephenson. " I think that will be driven most WiFi products. " Since Apple announced a new Internet Argus, and a unique relationship with AT & T, have become a concern that the device Browsing volunteer force could bring AT & amp ; T &; # 39;'s knee 3G networks. But Stephenson said she was very likely that customers will want to sign up for a second or even third data only plan to use broadband phone features in NiPAD. In contrast, AT & T believes that customers will use the WiFi access, especially with patients and complement to 3G networks. That AT & T has implemented Prepaid system for use by various levels NiPAD, Stephenson said.


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