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Connectiva turns transaction experience to mobile analytics


Connectiva, a company known for its ability to collect and make sense of carrier grade amounts of data for telcos – up to billions of transactions a day – is turning turns its analytics expertise to the customer experience challenge .

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In the past, Connectiva has put that data to work largely in the area of revenue assurance and optimization. With its new Mobile Analytics platform, launched this week, it turns its attention to the crucial task of helping mobile operators find the right service and pricing mix. Among the platform’s capabilities: mapping and providing insights into customer on-deck activity; collecting and analyzing mobile browsing patterns, based on customer opt-in; and monitoring and tracking application downloads.

Analytics are a next crucial step for mobile operators serious about securing their place in the new mobile eco-system. Understanding customer behavior allows operators not only to provide the services that their customers want, it allows them to manage their networks and resources more efficiently and potentially increases their value to the over-the-top players and makes them that much more attractive as partners.

The real challenge that telcos face is that they possess so much data that understanding it and using it is like trying to make a business bottling water while standing under the Niagara Falls. Even more challenging is getting the right information to the marketing team. Connectiva’s product provides reports, dashboards and workflows, the very stuff of marketing.

The question remains whether the culture of telcos will allow the right people to actually use this data, turning it into products, packages and bundles that will allow them to retain customers – as a first job – and attract new customers as a second.

In the mobile world, the major challenge is no longer attracting new customers but keeping existing ones, and this need is reflected in the rise in the interest of analytics – from network analytics to reduce the cost to serve and managing the network more efficiently, to customer analytics to provide the right services to customers at the right time and in the right place.


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