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T-Mobile customer losses continue as do its smartphone gains
More on this Topic Industry News Blogs Briefing Room T-Mobile USA’s 2nd quarter looked much like its first: It continued to shed customers while bolstering its growing smartphone and mobile data business. The U.S. arm of Deutsche Telekom’s mobile empire lost 50,000 subscribers in the...
The Connected Planet `4G Scorecard`
Though the precise definition of “4G” depends on who’s doing the defining, there’s no question that U.S. operators have aggressively been deploying mobile broadband networks over the last two years, either through upgrades to their existing high-speed packet access (HSPA) networks or through next-generation technologies like long-term evolution and WiMAX. Not all mobile broadband networks are...
As the 4G road forks, Clearwire chooses both paths
No more hints. No more evasive answers. No more caveats. Clearwire is deploying long-term evolution (LTE) networks. Today on its earnings call, Clearwire said it would launch a Time Division-LTE network concurrent with WiMAX, using its vast reserves of 2.5 GHz spectrum and its current infrastructure to offer both 4G services simultaneously. The only question is when Clearwire starts its build-out...
AT&T subs holding on to their unlimited plans -- but change is coming
Starting in October, AT&T will start throttling speeds to its heaviest smartphone data users still using unlimited data plans, cutting back their download speeds after the reach an unspecified threshold. Since AT&T introduced usage-based pricing last year, it’s been gradually shifting smartphone customers to tiered plans, but AT&T grandfathered all of its previous unlimited customers...
MetroPCS to begin VoIP transition in early 2012
MetroPCS will introduce its first carrier VoIP services in the first quarter of 2012, CEO Roger Linquist said today during Metro’s earnings call. Using its new long-term evolution (LTE) network, MetroPCS will take the first steps in migrating its circuit-switched voice service over to an IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)-driven voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) service, a process it has already begun with the...
Sprint targets small businesses with landline replacement offering
A new offering for small business customers announced yesterday from Sprint was the “culmination of an analysis of the marketplace,” Sprint Vice President of Small Business Judy Train told Connected Planet in an interview. More on this Topic Industry News Blogs Briefing Room “When...
Sprint`s Boost Mobile the preferred carrier in growing prepaid market
Whether Americans are pinching pennies or wanting to avoid the bridle of a two-year contract, customers are signing up for prepaid, no-contract wireless subscriptions more than ever before, the New Millennium Research Council (NMRC) think tank announced yesterday. By the end of 2011, such plans will be the choice of one in four new subscribers. ...
LightSquared sees no obstacles left blocking LTE network
More on this Topic Industry News Blogs Briefing Room Correction: A previous version of this story stated that LightSquared expects to receive FCC approval for its LTE network in mid-December. LightSquared actually expects that approval to come in mid-September. ...
Sprint confirms LightSquared LTE tie-up, but no update on Clearwire plans
Sprint finally confirmed on its Q2 earnings call what everyone seemed to know: it will build LightSquared’s long-term evolution (LTE) infrastructure on its new Network Vision radio-agnostic architecture. The two are entering into 15-year network sharing deal that could garner Sprint $13.5 billion in cash and in-kind payments and give Sprint access to as much of half of LightSquared’s total 4G...
Treating travelers like customers -- DT addresses the wrongs of roaming
In the not too distant future, artificial geographical barriers will cease to exist in telecom and the opportunity to make arguably un-earned money off of globe-hopping travellers will disappear. More on this Topic Industry News Blogs Briefing Room It seems cruel (and not great...
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