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Alcatel-Lucent CMO: How we get there from here
Last week, Alcatel-Lucentís new chief executive officer spelled out a new strategy for the equipment vendor, part of which was a focus on improving the role that telecom service providers play in a world of over-the-top Internet applications and services. But while the CEO didnít delve too deeply into the specifics of that aspect of the companyís strategy in last weekís presentation, the...
Alcatel-Lucent directory server enables personalized content
Alcatel-Lucent today announced a new directory server that centralizes rich subscriber data that service providers can tap to deliver personalized services such as more targeted advertising, video services or mobile applications.Alcatel-Lucentís 8661 Directory Server is designed to store free-form data that can be used by multiple applications with a focus on the type of high-performance,...
Alcatel-Lucent extends a green hand (or touch) to the rest of the industry
The GreenTouch consortium has a lofty goal: it wants to encourage the communications industry to consume less power, but not by a factor to 2 or even 10. It aims to build future networks that are 1000 times more energy efficient than they are today. More on this Topic Industry News Blogs Briefing Room ...
Alcatel-Lucent gets a chokehold on optical
Alcatel-Lucent last year became the first company to claim more than 20% of the optical networking market, thanks mostly to the Alcatel side of the house, according to data released this week by Ovum-RHK.Combining the results of Alcatel and Lucent Technologies, the newly merged firm took slightly more than 23% of the nearly $12 billion optical market in 2006. Thatís more than double the share...
Alcatel-Lucent introduces emergency alert solution for wireless carriers
Alcatel-Lucent announced today that its Broadcast Message Center (BMC) is now available for wireless carriers to purchase, providing one piece of the Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS) that the wireless industry is required to have operational by April 2012. Requirements for the nationís CMAS have been under development for several years, with the goal of enabling a means of getting emergency...
Alcatel-Lucent issues Q4 warning
Alcatel-Lucent won`t report quarterly earnings for the first time as a combined company until Feb. 9, but already the new megamerger in town has issued a warning that fourth-quarter 2006 revenue will be lower than Alcatel`s 2005 figure--and that new cost-cutting measures may lie ahead.The company announced this morning that pro forma financial results adjusted to account for Alcatel`s acquisition...
Alcatel-Lucent lays out wireless product integration
Alcatel-Lucent wireless business group president Mary Chan has an unenviable job for the next year. She has to integrate three disparate radio access network portfolios into a single cohesive unit, delivering on the new mega-vendorís promise as a global wireless equipment powerhouse, rather than a disjointed collection of three base station portfolios. But if there is any question that...
Alcatel-Lucent makes 12% of its job cuts in France
Alcatel-Lucent will cut 1468 jobs in France over the next two years as part of its plan to eliminate 12,500 workers worldwide.France is home to about 15% of Alcatel-Lucentís global workforce. And the job cuts planned there, announced today following recent protests from labor unions, represent 12% of the job cuts the company will make worldwide.Itís not yet known how many of the companyís planned...
Alcatel-Lucent pushes app tools, vision
In the early days of applying Web 2.0 principles to telecom, former IT vendors ruled the agenda. But traditional network equipment manufacturers have been steadily embracing more open application server platforms to again lay stake to being at the center of telco service creation.Alcatel-Lucent (NYSE:ALU) this morning put its most aggressive stake in the ground yet on this front, delivering new...
Alcatel-Lucent rebuts Ericsson power claim
Alcatel-Lucent (NYSE: ALU) says Ericssonís claims about the power consumption of the Alcatel Lucent edge gear are erroneous, leading to a false advantage for Ericssonís IP edge gear in a power usage consumption. ďTheir assumptions seem to be based on the notion that we would need separate boxes to do aggregation and subscriber management, when that is not the case,Ē said Lindsay Newell,...
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