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3GSM: Reporter`s notebook
Nokia finishes Intellisync integrationTwo years after buying Intellisync, Nokia has finally integrated the company’s mobile e-mail and over-the-air synchronization platform into its own mobile e-mail solution, allowing the carrier to offer to its own enterprise push solution. Nokia introduced the new platform, called Intellisync Mobile Suite 8.0, at the 3GSM World Congress offering it up for...
3GSM: ZTE lands Vodafone handset deal
BARCELONA--Vodafone’s handset portfolio is taking on a distinctly Chinese flavor. The world’s largest carrier today announced a deal with ZTE for Vodafone-branded GSM handsets, adding them to the 3G cell phones it already sells from fellow Chinese vendor Huawei.In the deal, ZTE has agreed to supply ultra-low-cost GSM handsets for sale across its markets, fitting into Vodafone’s original design...
4G World: AT&T says HSPA+ is off the table for now
AT&T’s plans to upgrade through the different iterations of 3G look like they will come to halt after its current round of high-speed packet access (HSPA) is complete. At her keynote at 4G World in Chicago today, Kris Rinne, AT&T’s (NYSE:T) senior vice president of architecture and planning, said AT&T will hold as an option future upgrades to evolved HSPA (or HSPA+), which would boost...
4G World: Beceem numbers show WiMax devices coming in volumes
Chipset sales always precede device sales by a few quarters, and if Beceem Communications third-quarter sales results are any indication, a flood of WiMax devices are set to hit the market soon. Beceem this week revealed that it shipped more than 1 million mobile WiMax chipsets in the third quarter alone and is on target to ship more than 1 million chips in the fourth quarter.“This is not a...
4G World: Clearwire CEO describes the future WiMax smartphone
New Clearwire (NASDAQ:CLWR) CEO Bill Morrow believes the iPhone is on the wrong network. Though the iconic Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) device has been enormously successful on AT&T’s (NYSE:T), Morrow said during his keynote at 4G World in Chicago that only a 4G network like Clearwire’s could unlock its true potential. To demonstrate his thesis, Morrow showed video clips of two iPhones mounted...
4G World: Clearwire paving way for 100 Mb/s
Clearwire (NASDAQ:CLWR) chief commercial officer Mike Sievert flexed his company’s spectrum muscles today at 4G World, detailing in his keynote address long-term evolution trials producing downlink speeds near 100 Mb/s. Clearwire was able to squeeze such huge bandwidths out of its network by leveraging its massive spectrum resources, creating a trial network with 20 MHz by 20 MHz...
4G World: If laptop broadband biz model doesn’t work, why not fix it?
AT&T (NYSE:T) Vice President of Emerging Devices David Haight made a surprising admission during his keynote at 4G World: The embedded mobile broadband business model simply doesn’t work. There aren’t that many laptops with embedded 3G. Those that are out there are hard to find. And once customers get a hold of them, they don’t like the contracts or the rate plans operators offer. ...
4G World: IP.Access unifying femto, small cell gateway
IP.access is bridging its femtocell and small cell platforms, announcing today a new version of its nanoGateway platform that will manage any combination of miniature base station from 2G to 4G. More on this Topic Industry News Blogs Briefing Room “There is a big drive toward small cells...
4G World: MetroPCS plays the equal-opportunity operator
CHICAGO--Revealing what may wind up being his operator’s marketing tagline of the future, “LTE for everyone,” MetroPCS chief operating officer Tom Keys told an audience at 4G World that his company is evolving from a mere low-cost prepaid operator to one that is actively horning in on the national operators’ core customer base. More on this...
4G World: MetroPCS to transfer cord-cutter strategy to 4G
MetroPCS (NYSE:PCS) has apparently been so successful in its pursuit of ‘cord-cutters’ for its wireless voice service, it plans to take the same approach to 4G data. When it launches it long-term evolution (LTE) network in late 2010, it plans to go after the wireline replacement market offering an Internet and broadband experience comparable to what customers receive from the telephone...
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