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700 MHz auction ends after 261 rounds
Auction 73 came to a close this afternoon after 38 days when Round 261 failed to garner a single new bid. The auction raised $19.592 billion, but aside from the cash payout the FCC revealed few of the auctions results. The names of the winning bidders and the fate of the D-block shared public safety/commercial license haven`t yet been revealed.Though bidding has stopped, the auction won`t...
700 MHz auction starts with bangs, whimpers
Bidding sluggish for nationwide 700 MHz licenses but intense for regional, local spectrumAs Auction 73 shut down after its first week, things didn’t look good for the planned public safety/private network. After attracting a $472-million bid in the auction’s opening round, it has languished through round 4 as the other nationwide band, block C, and the individual market licenses attracted all of...
700 MHz Auction: As open access nears, bidders back off
C block $800M shy of triggering open-access provisions of 700 MHz auction; public-safety spectrum still neglectedGoogle will have to wait at least another day before it can start performing celebratory cartwheels. The price of the nationwide C-block license in the 700 MHz auction ticked upward today, but it got nowhere near the $4.6 billion reserve price necessary to trigger the open-access...
802.16e standard finalized
The IEEE today approved the 802.16e standard setting the stage for the first Mobile WiMAX products due out by 2007, vendors participating in the standardization process confirmed late this afternoon. While the decision is not a surprise by any means--the specification was published two months ago--the standard’s final approval frees the WiMAX Forum to begin developing its certification process...
8x8 adds features to expand VoIP reach
8x8 today announced both a new hosted key system VoIP service and new plug-and-play phones, both intended to expand the reach of its business VoIP service. While some industry analysts are seeing a softness in the enterprise VoIP market, 8x8 is seeing steady growth at about 1000 net new customers per quarter, said Huw Rees, vice president of marketing and sales. “Since we are experiencing churn...
8X8 adds virtual trunking for VoIP
VoIP provider 8X8 today announced an expansion of its business VoIP solutions to include virtual trunking to enable customers to reap the financial benefits of VoIP without the capital expense of changing out PBXs or other phone system hardware. As a VoIP pioneer that always targeted the business market, 8X8 already offers its Packet8 Virtual Office VoIP service, a managed offering, and the...
8X8 generates cash flow early
In its third quarter of fiscal 2007, voice-over-IP provider 8X8 grew its business sector, shrunk its residential growth and met its cash-flow goals three months ahead of schedule. Bryan Martin, chairman and CEO of 8X8, said reaching this goal was largely the result of limited purchasing. “Cash flow generation is a first and a huge milestone for 8x8,” he said. “We believe we are the first publicly...
8x8 thrives in SMB space despite economy
Though the economy is dealing a blow to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), 8x8, which sells IP telecom services to businesses and consumers alike, saw its SMB business rise to new heights last quarter. In the company’s fiscal third quarter, which ended in December, revenue from business customers was up 41% from a year earlier, exceeding $10 million for the first time in 8x8’s history and...
A closer look at Apple’s new iPhone tweaks
More on this Topic Industry News Blogs Briefing Room It turns out most of the advance rumors about new iPhone device and platform capabilities were true, with the notable exception of a 4G iPhone unveiling, which was a ridiculous proposition to begin with. At the iPhone 4.0 developer event...
A compromise between LightSquared and GPS industry may be possible
Are LightSquared and the GPS industry on the verge of reconciliation? The most surprising thing to emerge from LightSquared’s amended LTE deployment proposal was that it wasn’t completely rebuffed by the Coalition to Save Our GPS. More on this Topic Industry News Blogs Briefing Room There...
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