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A ride-along with Verizon Wireless
Imagine hearing two statements repeated over and over for hours every day: “These days, chicken leg is a rare dish,” and “The jacket hung on the back of the wide chair.” Thomas Pannackal has to hear those phrases repeated endlessly from a bank of laptops mounted over the passenger seat of the white Chevy Trailblazer he drives through streets and highways of suburban Chicago and rural Illinois....
A tale of two Sprints: Can Sprint really go it alone?
So what exactly is Sprint up to? More on this Topic Industry News Blogs Briefing Room By its statements and actions last week at its analyst conference, Sprint seems to have every intention of walking away from Clearwire and its treasure chest of spectrum—despite the facts that 1)...
A tale of two Sprints: What if Sprint severs ties with Clearwire?
On Tuesday, we looked at one of Sprint’s possible futures—the future sans Clearwire that Sprint is publicly claiming to now pursue. If Sprint were to go that route it, eschewing Clearwire’s massive spectrum assets, it would start out with an immediate and sizable disadvantage versus its competitors (CP: A Tale of two Sprints, part 1). More on...
A Telephony Podcast: AT&T/BellSouth Merger Concerns
The still-pending merger between the two carriers is creating financial issues and worries about the future for their technology vendors. Telephony Senior Writer Ed Gubbins analyzes the situation. Want more?Check out TelephonyOnline`s podcast page.
A Telephony Podcast: Business Continuity
With so many businesses vulnerable to disruption and data loss in the wake of natural disasters and other events, business continuity and disaster recovery have emerged as critically important parts of telecom service providers’ strategies. Join Telephony’s Carol Wilson and Jason Meyers as they discuss what the concept of business continuity means and how service providers in different categories...
A Telephony Podcast: Mobile Multimedia
Telephony Senior Editor Kevin Fitchard analyzes a new partnership between Cingular Wireless and YouTube, discussing what it means for the wireless service provider and for the future of mobile multimedia content and delivery. Related ArticleCingular sponsors YouTube band battle
A Telephony Podcast: MVNO Shakeup
The MVNO sector suffered its first major casualty when Mobile ESPN closed its doors after less than a year in operation. Telephony Editor-in-Chief Dan O’Shea analyzes why the MVNO model didn’t work for ESPN and what the ramifications could be for the rest of the mobile industry.
A-IMS breaks Verizon’s silence
While Cingular Wireless, Sprint and other mobile carriers around the world have long spoken of their intentions and goals for deploying IP Multimedia Subsystem architecture, Verizon Wireless—and other units of its corporate parent, for that matter—stayed relatively quiet, not even publicly committing to trials or naming vendors.The company’s proposed Advances to IMS (A-IMS) architectural document...
ABI: DBS/WiMAX partnerships?
Wireless DBS, the bidding entity backed by DirecTV and Echostar, among others, may have dropped out of contention for spectrum licenses in the Advanced Wireless Services auction, but these companies still potentially could partner with WiMAX service providers to launch mobile-like services, according to ABI Research.ABI principal analyst Michael Arden stated in a report this week that the...
ABI: Ericsson leads on IMS technology, deployments
Ericsson is leading the vendor pack in IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) deployments and technology development, but Alcatel-Lucent is gaining strongly, according to a vendor ranking matrix released today by ABI Research.The research firm measured IMS vendors on implementation (based on number of deployments and availability of IMS elements) and innovation (several factors including R&D budgets,...
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